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UV DTF Heat Transfer Pigment Ink ( 500ml )

This is top-quality ink, specifically designed for UV DTF (Direct-To-Film) printing. It is not intended for regular printing purposes. Our UV ink is specially formulated to work with Epson DX4, DX5, DX6, DX7, DX9, DX10, and XP600*2 printheads.

With our high-quality UV ink, you can achieve outstanding print results with vibrant colors. It is suitable for application on various rigid materials such as metal, ceramic, wood, glass, KT board, and acrylic. Additionally, it can be used on soft materials like leather.

This UV DTF ink is non-toxic, waterproof, odorless, and environmentally friendly. It is of top quality and guarantees excellent output images that will remain vibrant for a long time. The formulation is specifically designed to minimize printhead clogging and ensures fast drying. Additionally, it can withstand numerous wash cycles without fading.

The shelf life of the product is one year, with the white ink having a shelf life of six months. After opening, it should be sealed and stored in a dark and cool environment. It is recommended to use the ink within two months after opening.

Ink colors : C M Y K W. VARNISH

**All Sales are final, any problems with your purchase reach out to me. I’m always willing to work something out.

*** NOTE **** Keep in mind It's not uncommon to encounter problems when attempting to use a regular inkjet printer for a task it wasn't designed for. So, please do your research before determining if converting a inkjet printer will be the best choice for you!

UV DTF Heat Transfer Pigment Ink ( 500ml )

39,08$ Prix original
35,17$Prix promotionnel
  • The full set includes 5 bottles, KCMY+ W. The Varnish ( gloss ) is sold separately.

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