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100 Sheets Per Pack A4 Size, 8.25 x 11.75 inchesA3 11.7" x 16.5" A3+ 13" x 19" Thickness: 0.029" x 0.75 mm

Single -sidedPreTreated PET Transfer Film sheets work with all DTF printers with the use of DTF ink and Adhesive Powder.


* Suitable for many materials, such as cotton, fabric, leather, wood, swimwear, diving suit, high elastic fabric, canvas, etc.


* Should be used together with PET film, plastisol powder(hot melt adhesive powder)* No need to cut & weed * Rich colors* Waterproof, and Rub resistance * Two steps of printing and transfer, easy cooperation, save time and cost


**All Sales are final, any problems with your purchase reach out to me. I’m always willing to work something out.

DTF Glitter Film Sheets - 100 Sheets A3

  • A3 Glitter Coated DTF Film

    100 Sheets Per Pack

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