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This is Top Quality Sublimation Ink. NOT for regular printing.


( K ) BLACK 127ml

( C ) CYAN 90ml

( M ) MAGENTA 90ml

( Y ) YELLOW 90ml


( GY ) GRAY 90ml


Excellent fluency printing

Dark, Deep, and VIbrant Color

Water Resistance

High transfer rate reach 99.7%

High color density, Good reducibility

6 Color Sublimation Ink ( K/C/M/Y/PK/GY )

  • Compatible with the following printers

    Workforce:  WF 3620, 3640, 7610, 7620, 7710, 7720, 7210, 7111

    EcoTank : ET-4700 ET-2720T502:ET-15000 ET-2760 ET-3710 ET-3760 ET-4760 ET-2700 ET-2750502:ET-3700 ET-3750 ET-4750 ET-2000 ET-3000 ET-4000T542:ET-16600 ET-16650 ET-5800 ET-5850 ET-5880

    * Works only on white or light-colored polyester T-shirts and other polyester fabrics.
    * Great on a wide variety of hard surfaces with a sublimation-coating: coasters, jewelry, mugs, etc.
    * Not recommended for use on 100% cotton fabrics or any fabric with cotton blend over 25%
    * Use with sublimation paper, can't be directly applied on objects
    * Easy to refill with little to no mess. Comes with spill-resistant caps, and syringe covers.*No need for ICC profiles for most prints
    * Refillable cartridge included or can be used with CISS that you already have. 

    • Excellent fluency printing
    • Dark & Deep & Bright Color 
    • Water Resistance
    • High transfer rate reach 99.7%
    • High colour density, Good reducibility
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